A row of library books

reKon audio is excited to announce the latest new feature to be incorporated into our products. It's called the Advanced Librarian Database and it allows you to centralize and easily manage your valuable programs with powerful new tools with database features. By centralizing your programs, you can ensure you retain every single program you have procured for your synth in an easily searchable and manageable database format.

It is incredibly easy to get your existing .syx (sysex or system exclusive) format programs and banks added into the database. In fact, you can easily move program and bank data between the Synthesizer, Editor, Filesystem, and Librarian Database with simple button clicks, or drag and drop bvehaviors. Once in the Librarian Database, you have several tools available to view, search, edit, and organize your programs. It also includes a handy feature to quickly find and eliminate any programs that are 'exact duplicates' of other programs in the library database.