reKon audio Software Features

reKon audio VST-AU-Standalone Editor™ series products are professional hardware Synthesizer Editors for popular classic synthesizers. Since 2005, our products have been carefully crafted toward the unique nuances found in each Synthesizer make and model, providing full control of every Program and Parameter on the Synthesizer. All within a well designed user interface, making it incredibly easy to get an overview of your entire Program with quick access to making Parameter changes to shape the Program's sound.


Easily view, edit, store, and manage all your Parameters, Programs, and Banks with detail on your computer visually! All products are supported on MacOS and Windows, and runs as either a VST, VST3, or Audio Unit plug-in on most professional DAW's that support independent MIDI port I/O configurations.


"Our goal is to provide the best editors available for classic hardware synthesizers, with the most useful features and best user experience possible so our customers can achieve their best results with minimum effort."


A Complete MIDI Controller with DAW Automation

A real-time MIDI Synthesizer Editor that allows you full control of every Parameter of the Program (aka a patch) data on the Synthesizer. Parameters are fully automatable in your favorite VST™ or Audio Unit™ capable DAW host, giving you the ability to quickly Program the hardware Synthesizer visually, along with your music in the DAW, with automatic recall of the settings when you reload the DAW project. You can also use the Standalone application if you just want to make Program edits or don't need to work inside a DAW.




  • Complete Synthesizer Editor/Controller made specifically for the Synthesizer make and model.
  • Parameters are automatable in your favorite VST or Audio Unit supporting DAW host.
  • Quickly make changes and real-time edits to your Programs to craft them along with your track, in the DAW.
  • Instant recall of settings on DAW project reload.
  • Rename Programs with ease using a keyboard.
  • Upfront information with independent value readouts for each control.
  • Easy access to all Parameters in single or multiple view formats.
  • Clean and smooth GUI controls with single value increments by scroll wheel.
  • Supports the most popular VST-AU capable DAW's running recent or latest versions.
  • Supports recent and latest MacOS and Windows operating systems in both 32 bit and 64 bit.


Parameter, Program and Bank Sysex Support

Unlike other editors that offer only limited 'controller' functionality, reKon audio editors provide for full loading, saving, importing and exporting of the .syx file Program and Bank format data that your Synthesizer natively uses to store and manage it's data. This provides for full support of the Synthesizer and all of it's supported MIDI messages. Though this requires a lot more work, we feel it's the best way to fully support the Synthesizer, and our customers. A valuable fact to consider when you compare our products against other Editor's.



  • Complete Sysex support specifically for the Synthesizer make and model.
  • Full import, export, load and save of .syx Program and Bank files.
  • Easily move Programs and Banks to and from the Synthesizer, a file, or Library.
  • Use your previously created .syx files, or .syx files downloaded from the internet.
  • Easily see and edit all Parameters of the loaded .syx Program.
  • Randomize a Program, or entire Bank with one click. Instant Sci-Fi, you might find a gem!
  • Clear a Program, or entire Bank with one click. A clean slate to start fresh with in one click!


New Library Database

Version 3 introduces another incredibly useful feature that you won't find in most Editors. It's an advanced Library database that allows you to view, edit, store, search, and sort all the Program data to and from your Synthesizer, in smart and efficient ways. Easily store all your Programs in a central, searchable location, and browse them with handy tools to get management tasks done quickly. It is now incredibly easy to store and restore your Programs and Banks to and from your Synthesizer without the usual .syx headaches from the past. You can easily load your existing .syx library files straight into the Editor Bank and/or Library without needing to send them to the Synthesizer first.



  • All your Programs in a central database location! Never lose another Program.
  • Easily remove all 'Exact Duplicate' Programs with one click to clean up the database.
  • Save and load Programs and Banks in their native .syx format.
  • Drag and drop Programs and .syx files to and from the Editor Bank and the Library database.
  • Search and Sort by ID, Program Name, Author Name, Rating, or Class type to easily find Programs.
  • Add reference Notes to any Program for referencing songs, or other useful description of the Program.


Full MIDI I/O Data Monitoring

The Midi Monitor view allows you to view all MIDI data transmitted and received between the Synthesizer, Editor, and DAW host with colors attributed to various message types for easy identification. Easily switch between Input and Output views of both DAW Host, Editor, and Synthesizer MIDI input and output data. You can even copy the data from the event logs for pasting and saving into standard text editors or other applications.



  • Easily see the MIDI message data being transmitted and received.
  • Message types are color coded for easy identification.
  • On/Off switches for In and Out views.
  • Copy individual rows of MIDI data.


Advanced MIDI Configuration and Filtering

Configure the MIDI Input and Output ports and channels directly from within the Editor itself. This allows the transmission of large MIDI system exclusive data chunks, a feature not found in most DAW hosts (through a VST or AU plug-in). You are no longer limited by host system exclusive in-capabilities. Filter specific MIDI messages types between the DAW host, Editor, and Synthesizer. Absolute control of the data paths allow for complex MIDI setups that can be saved and loaded for specific routing and applications.




  • Easily control how data is routed between the Synthesizer, Editor, and DAW.
  • Filter specific MIDI Messages for any I/O paths.
  • Supports most professional and mid-grade USB MIDI devices.
  • Supports most MIDI Loopback Device software and setups.
  • Remembers your settings. No need to reset ports and channels each time you use it.
  • Load and Save MIDI Setups.


Supported on recent and latest versions of MacOS and Windows operating systems. See the DAW Setup Guide for supported DAW hosts.


Apple™ and the Audio Unit™ names and logos are the property of Apple™. VST plugin technology by Steinberg™ Media, Gmbh.