Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ is a list of questions we are commonly asked. Please read this over before contacting us, as the answer may already be here. The DAW Setup Guide, the Global User Manual, and product User Manual are also a good place to find answers and solutions.


Will your software work in my selected DAW host?

Currently supported DAWs are shown on the DAW Setup Guide page. Instructions for setting up the Editor plug-in is provided for each DAW. If you are using a professional-grade DAW host other than those listed on that page, that supports independent MIDI port configuration, then the chances are very good that the reKon audio Editor plug-ins will run fine as 32 or 64 bit VST or Audio Unit plug-ins in that DAW. We've only found a couple of non-popular DAW's that had issues using the reKon audio plug-ins due to the lack of independent MIDI port configuration in those DAW's.

Is the software an actual sound producing emulation/recreation of the original synthesizer(s)?

No. You will need the actual hardware Synthesizer to make use of the VST-AU Editor and Sound Set products! The product is an editor, controller, and librarian for the actual Synthesizer the product is made for. It sends MIDI data to and from the hardware Synthesizer to manage and control the sound it.

Do I need to have the VST-AU Editor in order to use a Sound Set I am interested in?

No. All Sound Set products include the full set of (named) individual Program files, and the full Bank file, in the Synthesizer's native .syx (System Exclusive) file format. You can use the .syx files directly with your synthesizer, without the need for the Editor software.

The software freezes or stutters when I am automating data in my DAW.

If you are sending a lot of automation data to the VST-AU Editor this can cause complications with sending that much MIDI data at the current buffer rate. First, understand that DAW automation points can have a very fine resolution that far exceeds the abilities of standard MIDI data rates. Remember, each automation point represents a MIDI message that must be computed and sent out to the synth through the editor. So, taking this into consideration, you will want to minimize as many automation points in your automation curve as possible. You may want to check you automation point resolution settings in the DAW preferences and set that to a low value for the editor MIDI track. Please refer to te DAW Setup Guide for more information.

The MIDI Note data is offset when I am playing/recording the track in my DAW.

MIDI note data sent to the Editor from the DAW MIDI track must first be copied into a separate MIDI buffer that is then sent out from the Editor MIDI Out and on to the synth. This can sometimes cause an audible offset in your music when there is a lot of MIDI note data being sent to the Editor/Synth. To alleviate this issue and allow the DAW to send MIDI Note data directly to the synth, you can use a MIDI Loopback device (Windows), or a custom MIDI routing setup on OSX using the Audio MIDI Application, and route the DAW and Editor directly to the Synthesizer.  This configuration yields much better results, but requires a bit more technical experience. Please refer to the DAW Setup Guide for more information on how to setup and use this configuration.

Are upgrades free?

All 'Updates' of the same version are free (i.e. from version 1.0 to 1.3).

Version upgrades (i.e. 2.5 to 3.0) are offered at a reduced rate for existing, registered users.

Can I transfer or sell my license?

No. By purchasing the software license, only you are entitled to use the software and be eligible for updates. By purchasing the software, you are buying a license to 'use' the software, not 'own' it. reKon audio retains all rights to ownership of the software. Due to the way our automated sales system works and the affordable price of the software, we can only provide limited support for the original license holder. The sale or distribution of reKon audio software or licenses by a third party is strictly prohibited and will result in the termination of the software license and user account, and legal action could be taken. Please read the Terms of Use and all details before making any purchase.

Why do I not get both Mac and Windows versions?

The license covers one user on one platform only. However, all products offer a 'Mac and Windows' version license combo at a discounted rate. Please understand that it takes twice the time, hardware, and money to develop for and support both OS platforms, which is a considerable cost for a small software company.

Where's the box?

The product package illustrations shown on this website are only images. All software is delivered electronically via email and download methods. This saves both the environment, and your pocket book from needless packaging and shipping that will ultimately end up as refuse. We view this practice as a win-win-win situation for the environment, the user, and reKon audio. For these reasons, we do not physically ship software or licenses.

This is cool, but I don't see an editor for my synth?

Our VST-AU Editor Series is still growing. If you don't see an Editor for your Synthesizer, please Contact Us to let us know you would like to see one for it.

If you can donate your Synthesizer for a short period of time, so that we can develop an Editor for it, we will pay the insured shipping costs both ways, and provide a free license to the software product that is developed from it. You will also get a mention in the software About view.

The support I need is not here. How do I get it?

You can contact reKon audio via the Contact Us page if you have questions or need additional support. In most cases, you can solve any issues you may have with the support and information available under the 'Support' section of this web site. Please ensure you have first read the DAW Setup Guide, the Global User Manual, and product User Manual, and the synthesizer's user manual before you submit a request for support.