VST-AU Lead 2 Editor

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Complete MIDI Controller, Program and Bank Editor, and Database Librarian for the Clavia Nord Lead 2, Nord Lead 2x, and Nord Rack 2 synthesizers.



The VST-AU Lead 2 Editor™ is the best synth editor made for the Clavia Nord Lead 2 keyboard and rack synthesizers. All parameters are fully automatable in VST™ or Audio Unit™ capable DAW hosts. With this software, you can easily program the Nord Lead 2 to your music in the DAW host sequencer, and have this information restored perfectly when the project is reloaded. But, it is more than just a 'Controller' for your synth in the DAW. It's also an advanced Program and Bank Manager/Librarian tool that allows you to view, edit, arrange and manage all the Parameter, Program, Bank, data on modern computing platforms and applications. Put your synth in the rack and control it entirely from your computer. Design your patch right up to the last detail in the DAW mix then save the files to the synth, or store them as native .SYX files for distribution or archival. It does what you need a synth editor to do! Click on the buttons below for more information.




 The reKon audio VST-AU Lead 2 Editor


This software will work with the Clavia Nord Lead 2, Lead 2x, and Nord Rack 2 model synthesizers. Runs on recent and latest version Mac and Windows operating systems running on 64 bit. Plug-ins work with recent and latest versions of Steinberg Cubase & Nuendo, Ableton Live, Apple Logic Pro, Propellerheads Reason, Cakewalk Bandlab, MOTU Digital Performer, Presonus StudioOne, Bitwig Studio, Cockos Reaper, ImageLine FLStudio, Acoustica Mixcraft, and AcidPro Next, and other DAW's that support independent MIDI port I/O configurations.


The reKon audio VST-AU Lead 2 Editor™ is not affiliated or associated with Clavia Music, or the Nord Lead 2 product itself. Clavia Music and the Nord Lead names and logos are the property of Clavia Music . Apple Computer and the Audio Unit name and logos are the property of Apple Computer. VST plugin technology by Steinberg Media, Gmbh.